coding and AI club

The coding club is one of the most loved clubs in EMMA HIGH SCHOOL.  It is more of hand in hand activities and artificial intelligence AI. This club is still new because it started its operation of recent in 2022 in the middle of February. It started as a coding program for only those in form twos and later on the form ones adapted to the program and in the year 2023, it became a school program or club. This club gives a free membership and withdrawal. This club does things that are different from other clubs not forgetting that of recent around September of the year of the year 2022 this club participated in a SESEMAT science fair COMPETITION which was held at KIBULI SS. Here we managed to hit the third position only one two places from number one and we did this in a close range of not above 20 points we did this structuring the skills of hard ware programming, communication, web development and advanced computer programming and conditioning skills. As a group not forgetting the most vital skill of teamwork as we work together in the coding club forgetting not to work hard and smart with a big aim to achieve. 

As we said that our club is more of hand in hand activity it’s in our blood to make and showcase projects to solve a variety of problems in the society at least twice in a term as well as use the to compete in science fairs where we exposed to the open world of competence. 


Website designing and development.

            This is the use of programming languages to develop and design websites android applications and web applications but basically we are at the making of front end but later on we are going for back end web development.

Programming computer applications.

Here we use programming languages to make computer applications like WhatsApp desktop and Facebook that can help us to solve digital problems like information management systems, information sharing and games.

Programming hardware.

Here we use programming languages to command robots, calculators and remote cars through programming arimo chips and AV3 how to execute different commands like telling a robot to sense an obstacle and turn to the right path.

Using software tools.

Here we use software tools like scratch to come up with projects like animations and cartoons which can be used in business advertising, communicating information about environmental pollution, for study purposes and many more.

Imparting basic computer skills in club members.

Here a member gains basic computer skills of manipulating computers, troubleshooting, using different icons on the computer desktop and connecting plus assembling hardware and software.

coding and AI